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Crepe Montagne
Authentic French Crepery.
Crepe Montagne.
Main St. - Village North.
Crepe Montagne was designed, built and is run by Laurence and Michel Gagnon.

It features waffles, smoothies, fresh juices and sundaes, but is really home to traditional French savory and dessert crepes.

Special to Whistler the quaint and casual atmosphere of the Crepe Montagne cranks out tremendous value.

Stopping by for French gratinated Soup is a local obsession that naturally leads to a sprite baby greens salad.

A Smoked Sockeye Salmon, Capers and cream cheese salad is a simple meal on its own. Fresh tomatoes, julienne of Emmenthal, hard boiled egg and Black Forest ham join in.
Crepe Montagne interior
Crepe Montagne is known for tremendous variations of vegetarian, meat and seafood crepes with a buckwheat flour batter. A sweet flour batter is reserved for dessert crepes.

All crepes are served with a side of organic green salad in a Dijon vinaigrette.

Evening dinners might start outdoors along the pleasant pedestrian stroll of Main St.

Rubberneckers casually wander by and nod at the offered presentation.

If the night chills things continue inside at tables and booths.

Seating for couples winds ever deeper into intimacy.

The accent, service mannerisms and general demeanor of the service staff lull diners into believing that they could indeed be in France.

Crepe Montange check Fondue Provence is a nice progression from crepes and salads.

Scratch made from Swiss Emmenthal and Gruyere cheeses all punched up with garlic, dry wine wine and Kirsch.

The Crepe Montagne version enjoys fresh tomato sauce and chopped Kalamata olives for zest.

Dipping French baguette cubes are expected to be playfully offered.

Raclette is a house specialty and full-on meal.

Melted Raclette cheese from a special grill sizzles Schinkenspeck cold cuts, Black Forest smoked bacon, French salami, and old fashioned Black Forest ham on top.

A conga line soon forms that continuously serves up delights on teflon trays.

A reasonably priced Beaujolais-Village gets refreshed.

Tart blankets of cheese top new potatoes. Sweet white onions and tiny sour gherkins balance the palate.

Vegetarians will delight in bulbous cauliflower, crisp broccoli florets and Beefsteak tomatoes.

Crepe Montagne
Crepe Montagne Crepe Suzette is undoubtedly the most famous.

Simply folded with butter and sugar then flambéed in Cointreau at the table it is probably the best way to start or end your day.

Present one of the mini menu brochures around Whistler that advertise the Crepe Montagne and receive a complimentary Suzette Crepe with purchase of lunch or dinner entree.

A typical wine list pick might be Marquisat.

The Southern Burgundy region of France has a number of villages situated in the north of the vineyard area that produce better quality wines to earn the superior appellation, "Beaujolais-Village."

The Gamay grape variety planted on the gently rolling hills noses a light, fresh fruity aroma and flavour well suited to many meat and cheese dishes.


Raclette and Beaujolais-Village are an experience to appreciate.

All the breakfast, lunch and dinner fare at the Crepe Montagne is tasty and special to Whistler.

The wait staff are tidy, personable, friendly and offer a menu more substantial than what one might imagine.

It may centre around delectable crepes, but a closer look reveals a suprising variety.

Bon Appetit!

Crepe Montagne Logo
(604) 905-4444
(604) 932-0359
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