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Moguls Coffee House
Beyond Fair Trade.
Moguls Coffee House.
Whistler Village Square.

Incredibly, coffee is the #2 traded commodity in the world right behind God Almightly Oil. And just like oil the pursuit of the bean has left its political, social and environmental ravages. If that sounds crazy just look at the history of Haiti.

The Whistler Public Library has a great documentry on humanity's addiction to caffeine called 'Black Coffee' that, pun intended, is quite an eye opener on the subject.

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As a coffee go-to stop, Moguls has no equal for the locals of Whistler. In the space of the half hour that it took to have a look around a whos who of this town showed up for their mid-day lifter.

It might have something to do with a location right in the Village Square, the tasty selection of wraps and sweets they sell, or it just may be that they serve up one hell of a cup of java.

Though an active community like Whistler is always seeking out whatever makes them happy.

Moguls Coffee House
moguls Leave it to local legend Wayne Katz to deliver a cup of the world's favourite beverage without stepping on anyone's toes.

Moguls offers up a counter full of wild goodies, but what really gets the consciencious staff going is describing the important 'Beyond Fair Trade' status of their magic beans.

The youth of today, you gotta love 'em. Totally aware and concerned with everything in the world around us. Right down to the humble cup of joe.

Moguls serves Doi Chaang Coffee. The only 100% Arabica bean in North America that's single origin and certified organic. It's grown in Thailand under a special 50/50 partnership with farmers.

Doi Chaang goes 'Beyond Fair Trade' by promoting growth, knowledge, sustainability and family to provide a beautifully unparalled coffee to the world. Roasted and distributed by Canterbery Coffee.

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