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Shandy Rae
Get Naked.
Naked Sprout.
Juice Bar Cafe.
Village Centre Square.
Owner Shandy Rae has been a practitioner of health conscience sustenance ever since she worked at Vitality 4 U, Whistler's first live juice emporium, some 15 years ago.

And a more perfect example of the benefits gained from 'You Are What You Eat' would be impossible to find.

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Located in a large windowed corner of St. Andrew's House overlooking Earls, Starbucks and the Whistler Village Centre Plaza, Naked Sprout is home to health fanatics and those who appreciate the taste that comes with locally sourced organic ingredients.

Shandy's take on West Coast cuisine is very popular. So much so that Western Living magazine is profiling the Mighty Sprout in their December edition.

A spotless attention to detail greets those on their way to Yoga class or anyone looking to freshen up after any of Whistler's countless activites.

Naked Sprout
Naked Sprout Never frozen organic ingredients make their way into 'made to order' creations just the way you like them.

Shandy and her little sprout staff also offer a seasonal menu from the Hot Bar. Hearty soups and vegetarian curry or chili over brown rice are a sensational addition to your drink concoction.

(604) 935-2545
Naked Sprout
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