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zog's dogs
Local Hot Dog.
Zog's Dogs/Beavertails.
Whistler Village - Mountian Square.

Beavertails are a hit dessert novelty that got their start - according to legend - by re-charging ice skaters bent on ankling up and down Ottawa's frozen Rideau Canal.

A pretty romantic notion actually.

Imagine gliding up to one of their booths on a bitter night in the nation's capital. Someone sweet dipping away at your hot drink might just get you through it.

Whistler's Olympic Plaza winter rink might support a Zog's/Beavertails hut.

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In Whistler, the Zog's/Beavertail concept is tailor made for winding pedestrian strolls year-round.

Zog's face lift with the Sundial Hotel makes the Mountain Square a charming area full of characters.

An eyeful of winter's skied out bums and summer's mountain bike crash victims hang out there.

Zog's is the one off hit wonder of Whistler Village.

No where else has the ski town spirit of dining in the great out of doors.

zog's line up
zog's menu The crazy name was conjured up by former co-owner Gary Rodgers a short while after very badly mis-judging a long centre field fly.

Clearly dazed young Gary just stared into space, but was heard to repeatedly recite the words Zog's Dogs until sense apparently returned. The jury is still out on which one.

Gary claims the vivid experience stayed with him all these years.

Friend and mentor Wayne Katz finally launched Zog's under a stairwell of the now Sundial Hotel so that all may worship at the altar of Zog.

That is Zog's truth, So Help Me Zog!

These days Wayne's partner is Arthur Bland from Beavertails.

Quite simply put, Zog's nails dogs.

But, that's what happens when you start off with a nice all beef product.

Hardly along the lines of sketchy municipal politicking, Wayne shows the world how to present a grilled tube steak in a lightly toasted sesame bun.

Zog's onions
Zog's Dog Having mastered the "haut chein" in smoky and veggie versions Mr. Katz, as the young folk have taken to calling him, then follows up with rockin' chili that pretty much fueled the construction of The Westin Resort & Spa a few years ago.

The guys in hard hats knew where to tie on the feed bag so a constant trickle would straggle over to casually mix with a never ending line-up of guests seeking repose on Zog's old growth patio.

Zog's even does breakfast in the biggest possible way with creamed scrambled eggs topped with Cheddar cheese and poker straight Canadian back bacon.

Oh Canada! The true North strong and free.

Perky countergirls like to sneak something special on the occasional cute guy's dog, but normally they leave it up to the customer to browse around the corner for jalapenos and the like in the garden of condiments delight.

Wayne Katz
Zog's Poutine Poutine is the Zog's religious experience. Well informed English Canada rumour reports poutine in the tabernacle during communion in the Province of Quebec.

"The body of St. Andre be with you."

Whistler's hardcore PQ connection rate Zog's as the best pot of melted cheese curds and beef gravy with fries west of Montreal. Vive la Poutine!

VERDICT: People gaze in awe at what Wayne Katz promos the public, but after years as a food service rep Wayne knows that putting your product in people's mouths is the high road to putting their money in your pocket.

Being a natural ham and having a great staff also helps a great deal.

Zog's Dogs
At Zogs?
No Way!
Get Out Of Here!! CASH ONLY!!!

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"Wayne Katz is the original hot dog."
Lawrence Black - Whistler.

"Hurray for Zogs. Wayne is the top dog."
Sonny Walker - Whistler.

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