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Anthony Johnston
Corner Man.
Space Recovery Artiste.
Anthony Johnston.
"Space... the final frontier."

Lighten up Bill.

How we organize, design and decor our personal space is the highest form of life.

Taking creative charge of space is a distinctly human obsession.

To some serious minds....

'Wasted Space IS a Wasted Life!'
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Folks constantly ask space recovery artiste Anthony Johnston if his buddy Jeb can come over to their place, or business even.

Anthony's quick study realizes they actually require gentle guidance with their decor ideas.

He consults with clients and more importantly can work with designers to bring a homeowner's idea to life.

Anthony believes The Past is The Future in space recovery because Old World Techniques are inspirational.

brasserie whistler village His creative assessments make it possible for good people to stop wasting their lives.

A fairly driven sort...I'm afraid.

Unapoligetically the delight of us all.

But it IS their life after all, and I can hear it now...

"I mean....if I can't have a French storm drain in the middle of my Brasserie, then.......what's the point?"

er..ah..Right Again!
Anthony proudly earned and graciously accepted his doctorate from the Jimmy Hendrix School of Hard Rocks.

An artist all this life, Anthony's obvious talent leapt over formal arts schooling.

In the late 80's he earned a ski pass at the Blackcomb Sign Shop.

That led to a 13 year career as a freelance Decoritive Artist in Whistler.

His first paying gig was in Victoria around the Christmas season of '82.

wait In those dire economic times he did OK painting shop windows with his sister.

These days Anthony is restoring a vintage 1974 Toyota Land Cruiser as a way of gearing up for another artistic burst.

Many exclusive Whistler homes and very high profile commercial locations right in The Village Square share the touch of Anthony's work.

His avant garde flair for Village Square dining was a perfect Millennium New Year's Eve setting.

On any given Whistler arpres ski afternoon the restaurant scene is larger than can be imagined.

The Village Square is a swirl of nationalities.

Guests of Whistler and the town folk in general literally ricochet off each other to land in the comfort of waiting tables.

In the mid-nineties Anthony was hired by the dynamic duo at Oyama-Roche Entertainment to shake up the Village Square.

The opening of La Brasserie des Artistes established a trademark style that extends all through their inter-connected restaurants concept.

La Bocca, a jazzy "A" list restaurant sits next door and in summer months a genuine Italian Gelateria alcove opens between them.

A round the corner is the madhouse Amsterdam Cafe Pub and on Sunrise Alley tasty Hot Buns Bakery soaks in rays.

All of these including the recently re-habbed Maxxxed Out Fish night club downstairs are great examples of Anthony's influence.

His motto, "You are only as good as your last job." puts his business ethic into perspective.

By constantly working with new products Anthony works within a budget that often sets the tone of the project.

Anthony is always busy working for friends and clients, but more and more he's painting stretched canvas.

Future business in fresco plaster work and study in Italy are on the horizon.

Contact Anthony to reclaim the lost corners of your personal fish bowl and..

Stop Wasting Your Life!

Take us out of orbit Mr. Sulu, I think there's some space over there we haven't done anything with yet.

Now you've got it Bill.

Anthony Johnston
Space Recovery Artiste.
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