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Excellent Food Source.
Brian Walker.
Man about the Whistler scene.

Brian Walker has been an intrepid patron of the Whistler dining scene for the past 21 years.

His fearless approach to the Art of Hospitality has placed him in the hands of every restaurant on numerous occasions.

A considerable peril when it's understood that Whistler Resort has no formal service standards or method of training staff who engage the guest.

Whistler's dining options run in the range of 100+ establishments without including dinners that are often are packaged with activities in town.

Equally at home enjoying a steaming plate of Poutine or discussing the glorious virtues of a Gnarly Zinfandel with the legendary Louis Martini at a winemaker's dinner, Brian regards the dinner table as the world's meeting place and revels in the conversations that go on there.

"Hospitality is the Seat of Civilization." Brian is well known to say when asked why he has such great passion for the subject.

The fact that his parents blew his higher education on a losing war with an adventurous appetite also might have something to do with his chosen path.

Brian's approach to Whistler restaurants is to take the high road when it comes to commentary.

If you thrive on hearing the worst about your fellow human beings or need to read about disastrous dining scenarios to make your own sorry existence seem better, then you are on the wrong site.

But, if you want to know Who is cooking What signature appetizers and entrees Where around Whistler and Why, then take a look at some of the pictures of menu items that people come back for time and again.

Brian's constant companion over the years was an Australian Red Snapper named Sonny. "Bud", as his nickname went, was a star in his own right around Whistler.

Thoughout his years Bud nicely lived up to his dingo heritage by establishing quite a laundry list of those who chose to invade his personal space.

After a brief sideways glance and a one time only grrr.. from the perpetually stoic little man, a quick nip on the wrist immediately ticketed any blown through stop signs.

No Rolling Whistler Stops Allowed!

Justice was swift, but everyone said they somehow deserved it, sometimes three times.

These days The Creator is walking Whistler's favourite Son, but together Brian and Sonny plumbed the depths of what it means to dine@whistler.

In Bud's honour Brian carries on to share valuable expertise with those looking for that perfect dining suggestion to yet another glorious day spent at Whistler, the #1 rated Alpine Resort in the World.

Brian Walker
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"Thanks a lot Brian.
You suggested the perfect dining arrangements for our stay in Whistler."
Dan Freeman - Sydney

"The best site about Whistler restaurants."
C. Friday - Atlanta

"Tremendous information site about Whistler restaurants.
We agreed with most of the comments to the site."
Craig Inglis - Winnipeg

"Funny site! Interesting photos and great suggestions on where
and where not to dine in Whistler"
Barb Parish - Toronto

"Brian, You Are The Man! Now.. what do you know about Whistler girls!"
Michael Voltz

"Nice site Bri. Very simple, but very effective"
G. Scott - Glasgow Scot.

"We found the perfect dining arrangements on Dine@Whistler."
R. Jones - Chicago Ill

"Thanks Brian! Dinner at the Edgewater, Aubergine and Pasta Lupino were great suggestions."
Susan Charles - New York

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