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Amsterdam Cafe Pub RedLight Night Whistler
Red Light District Party.
Amsterdam Pub - Whistler Village Square.

Well, there they go again. The wild girls who run the Amsterdam are out to offend the decent folks of our fair town. Oh yeah, bring it!

A well known spot for naughty hijinks, The Amsterdam once a year takes it to the next level with a virtual trip to the famous Red Light district of Amsterdam itself.

All in the name of good clean fun the Red Light night is actually a huge theatrical performance done to the music of DJ CB Shaw. $15 at the door is cheap for this show!

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The place easily has the most provocative art in Whistler, but an even bigger part of the allure has to be its music.

Bar staff compete for air time by running their ipods through a beefy bank of amplifiers. A constant search for the limit switch tests a tidy array of speakers.

"Hey, it's too loud!" doesn't cut any slack, sure as hell won't get you a drink and will only get you barred 'if you keep it up, buster.'

Caution Alert! If you don't like their choice of tunes, check the Dam rules below, then go tell it to Perry Como

That's the kind of comment leading to the next thing the Dam is noted for.

The Dam is entirely run by a team of twitchy thoroughbred beauties - I said twitchy ladies - who are not above telling customers to obey the Dam rules.

As if rules are what the Amsterdam has a healthy respect for. Well, actually they do, but only for girls rules.

#1. Patrons are advised to, sit at any clean table and wait a Dam minute.

#2. There will be no Dam Musical Chairs! so stay in one Dam spot!

#3. If you don't like the Dam music, that's Too Dam Bad!

#4. Have your Dam order ready when your waitress greets you, and,

#5. be well advised, .25 cents is not a God Dam tip!

Of special note, he who rings the Dam bell, will be buying everyone a Dam shot! Ignore the Dam rules at your own peril. Get the picture?

Delivering breakfast, lunch, and dinner as well as daily drinks specials only adds to the popularity of the Amsterdam Cafe Pub. They have a nice range of kitchen fare with their share of novel items.

The Roasted, don't mind the mis-spelled menu, Chicken Penne refers to the garlic your friends will no doubt notice. Creamy pesto and sundried tomatoes compete for attention.

Don't want to be mocked for mowing down on greens? Try a both hands burger or Baron of Beef au jus piled on a Vienna bun with sauteed onions and Swiss cheese.

A pan fried Pfeffer Schnitzel comes with a rousing brandy/peppercorn sauce and three quarters the price of other places in town while the stout of heart can have their way with half Racks of Baby Back Ribs.

An Amsterdam Special is Veggie Lasagna. Roasted with spinach and tomato sauce. Yummy!

Of course, if it's sweets you're lovin' after then a mountain woman will sashay something over to your table. A wink and White Chocolate Bread Pudding has been known to put a smile on a face.


The Amsterdam Cafe Pub is a lively place that's not for the faint of heart. Leave your ID at home, unless Granny still pinches your cheeks, replace the batteries in your pacemaker and tell Mother you're going any place else. This is a raging place at the center of all things going on in Whistler.

As always, should you decide to accept this mission the Secretary will disavow any knowledge of your existence. Good Luck.

A great place to start your day with French Toast or A Benewest Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict. The French Onion soup is the best appetizer in Whistler or one can keep the party going and order a full meal.

Delicious staff and stuff!

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