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Freshly Baked in Whistler.
Hot Buns Bakery.
Sunrise Alley - Whistler Village Square.

Take an old fashion French bakery, infuse it with some great sounds, and let the public beat a path to the smell of fresh bread and groovy tunes.

That's the general idea behind Hot Buns bakery, but a closer look reveals much more.

Hot Buns can be found behind La Brasserie des artistes on a sleepy little side street just off the Village Stroll called Sunrise Alley.

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More than a few Whistler cafe owners have dreamt about the location for years.

Their plans for European style freestanding tables basking in the warm morning and afternoon sun is even bigger and better as a bakery.

The Hot Buns baker has satisfied guests of Whistler, it seems, forever.

Most notable were his stints as Executive Chef of La Bocca just around the corner from Hot Buns or his antics at Lost Lake where he is known as the Bare Naked Chef.

Anyone who knows anything about food understands that pastry is the highest form of the art.

A new vision has recently instituted for Hot Buns Bakery.

Emphasis will be a little more toward baked treats because, after all, Hot Buns provides all the goods for La Brasserie, La Bocca and Cafe Amsterdam.

As always, the public will still be able to enjoy a fresh made dessert crepe with a heavenly barista creation before they cut for home with a handfull of croissants or a baguette tucked under their arm.

Cute counter girls keep the savory/sweet crepes, soups, paninis, pastries and coffee flowing all day.

They keep customers on a roll by bopping to the likes of Ben Harper and Johnny Cash.

Stop by for a heavenly crepe and enjoy some really great tunes.

It's the latest, greatest way to hang out and enjoy the best that life has to offer in Whistler.

Hot Buns Bakery
(604) 932-2112
(604) 932-2460
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"Good coffee and pastries."
June Simmons - Vancouver

"Pretty decent selection of sweet crepes."
John Abrams - Squamish

"Delicious, my favourite breakfast in Whistler!"
Liz Malay - Minn.

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