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Kevin Ness
Crystal Lounge.
Crystal Lodge - Village Stroll.
Home For Live Entertainment in Whistler is the Crystal Lounge. It's where every musician in Whistler has played, and continues to play.

So a local upstart collaboration of musicans called N.S.N for Bradford Needham, Andrew Slater and front man Kevin Ness lands a gig at the Crystal to prove their ready for live shows and possible employment elsewhere.

Jono Young at The Crystal Lounge
Swan Song.
Jono Young's Last Shift.
Crystal Lounge - Crystal Lodge.
Whistler Village.
Superb Manager, expert bartender, talent impressario and all around nice guy Jono Young has been the face and driving force behing the reputation the Crystal Lounge has enjoyed for over 15 years.

In a rare moment of letting loose Jono took the stage with JennaMae and the Groove Guys on his last evening shift to belt out an impressive rendition of Jail House Rock that rocked the house. Encore!

Rachel Thom at The Crystal Lodge
Song Bird.
Rachel Thom and friend Phil.
Crystal Lounge - Crystal Lodge.
Whistler Village.
Working artist, and Whistler sweetheart, Rachel Thom has been playing the Crystal Lounge with beat master Phil for nine years. And it shows.

In a very polished performance Rachel let her perfect pitch voice fill the lounge with a range of great tunes. Wonderful audience appreciation throughout the night.

Snow Monkeys
Patio Performance.
Snow Monkeys.
Black's Restaurant and Pub.
Skiers Plaza - Whistler Village.
The World Ski and Snowboard Festival starts this weekend, but a preview for the line-up of great music it sponsors shook Black's patio Monday afternoon.

The Snow Monkeys are a local band formed out of players who collaborate with like minded talent. If you're available, I've got a gig sort or arrangement. That musicians can throw together for a rock'n show is testimony to the depth of Whistler's music scene.

Red Chair
Straight Up Rock n' Roll.
Red Chair.
Tapleys Pub.
Whistler Village.
Whistler's Hottest Rock Act lights up the audience whenever they take the stage. These guys are dyed in the wool performers who take having fun very seriously.

If you thought the days of Rock ensemble were over, think again.
Red Chair's dedication to the anthems by which we all made decisions in our lives shows up on every song in every set.

Crystal Lounge
Key Performance.
Crystal Lounge.
Crystal Lodge.
Whistler Village.
Song Bird Dania Assaly sat down with Whistler's favourite keyboardist Bradford Needham for a special evening in the Crystal Lounge.

A tremendous keys player herself Dania's voice thrilled an appreciative crowd at the home of live music in Whistler. Brad's sensitive accompaniment of Dania's emotional phrasing was sheer delight.

The Art of The Carve.
Andrew Tjelios.
Whistler/Blackcomb Ski School.

He's currently taking care of some last minute details for the Whistler/Blackcomb electrical department, but Andrew can barely contain his excitement about getting back on the mountain in his teaching role.

"I love teaching people the art of the carve. It's an amazing experience for me when my clients achieve a breakthrough. When they actually get it."

Even if you're a long time mountain man like Andrew you never get over one of the greatest joys in life which is sharing the experience.

Lord of the Mountain.
Local Ski Legend.

After overnight forecasts predicted 15-20 cms of new on-mountain snow Whistler awoke to knee deep fresh stuff blanketing the valley!

That was enough advance notice for local ski legend Alfonse to make sure he made it up Blackcomb for some epic turns.

He reports the mountain was pretty much to himself even though the alpine still isn't open.

"I think people are going to Whistler Mountain which is fine by me."

"Visability wasn't the greatest, a little overcast and the flakes were twice as big as yesterday, but still a great day on the hill. Think I'll stop by the Village for a pint and watch the Leaf game."

Whistler Testimony
Good Skiing!
Opening Day.
Whistler Mountain.

Pro patroller Gia reports 'Good Skiing' with an opening day grin. He spent a boot to knee deep morning on Whistler Mountain ensuring the safety of every early season wild child.

It's a pretty big responsibility. Only the Red, Emerald and Franz chairs were open plus one has to take into consideration the nature of big mountain people.

Well informed valley rumour heard some folks planned to hike up, spend the night on mountain and then warm up in 'bump shacks' to get first tracks on the maddening crowd. Seen that in the city lately?

Red Snapper.
Sonny Son.
Completely Sketchy Dingo.

There are human beings on this planet and then there are souls.

Human beings bash and bruise the navigation of life.

Souls transcend life.

They exist on a plane above.

Brian Walker Excellent Food Source.
Man about the Whistler Scene.
Brian Walker.
Four Seasons Whistler

Anthony Johnston Corner Man.
Space Recovery Artist.
Anthony Johnston.
Amsterdam Pub

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