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New Year's Baby Skier.
Little Buddy Rubin.
Whistler Village.
January 2, 2010.
At three months Rubin hasn't decided whether he's going to rail turns or ride a plank.

His parents brought him to Whistler so he can get an early start making up his mind because you never can tell where the next Olympic medalist will come from.

The betting line favoured skier because everytime his Mom spoke the words 'twin tips' he started laughing his head off.

Where as everytime she said 'droopy pants' he looked like he'd already smelt enough of them.

Atta boy Rubin. You can't start life off as a skid!

Eve Night Lights.
Torch Light Parade.
Whistler Mountain.
New Year's Eve.
After putting in a vollie day supervising junvenile minded brats of no particular age - either gendered maniacs terrorizing anybody downhill of them - Alex pulls down a few more turns in Whistler's annual New Year's Eve Torch Light parade.

90 people lit flares at both ends of bamboo.

Hint Alert: Don't bring your poles. If you do it will cost a round of drinks later but, holding them out with the bamboo does result in a nice forward balance that helps with the long ski out.

The torches are lit at the Roundhouse light board and follow Upper Whiskey Jack to Lower. Then Olympic Run to the the Village.

Alex is a strong skier and needs to be. Skiing non-stop to the Village is a right of passage in this town.

Can you do it?, or better yet, Can you still do it?, are common local questions. At night is another story, on New Year's Eve, quite a story!

Livin' er and Givin' er.
Base of Whistler Mountain.
Whistler Village.
December 28, 2010.
As of yesterday, 241 cms of heaven sent powder descended upon Whistler/Blackcomb mountains in the past week.

Now that's a Christmas present for all those that have made the pilgrimage from points around the globe.

It may seem funny that they had to fight off record snow in their own countries to get here, but it's testament to this magical place that they did.

It's all about living the dream of the endless run and giving all you've got while you're doing it at Whistler, the Global Village.

Rob Neilson
Great Expectations.
Major Snow Dump Looming.
Whistler/Blackcomb Mountains.
December 12, 2010.

With a severe storm system brewing off the coast and huge flakes already bombing down on Whistler Village some rabid fans of heavy weather are grinning madly at the prospect of tomorrow morning.

Expert rider Rob Neilson looks forward to schooling all young turks bent on moving up the pecking order of big mountain moves. His world of earned experience makes Rob a target for the snowboard video crowd looking to get off the couch.

There is no substitute for on mountain time and those who seek the short cut offen look to mountain men like Rob to test their abilities. Only to find they not only have a lot to learn, but also that he is always waiting for them at the bottom.

Vegas View.
Jeff and Candice.
Las Vegas.
December 7, 2010.

Conditions were a little sketchy with a new system moving into the area, but the people we met were so polite that it made for an exceptional experience.

"I crossed my skis with someone else in the lift line and they told me they were sorry."

"It's a little expensive, but a beautiful place to visit and the people are just wonderful!"

Harry Sutherland
Place of Business.
Whistler Film Festival.
Whistler Conference Centre.
December 5, 2010.

Producer Harry Sutherland of 'ilustrato Pictures' explains the value of the Whistler Film Festival to the future of Whistler itself.

"Whistler is in the same time zone as L.A. and Hollywood is doing big business with China. The Chinese are building ski resorts and love Whistler. They actually have one called Shangra-La that they want to be the sister resort of Whistler."

This is the kind of business being discussed between features at this year's festival and it's the best indication yet of how, at just 10 years old, the WFF has matured into more than room sales to become an asset of Whistler.

Erinne and Jack Testimony
"The Skiing is Excellent!"
Scots Honour.
Erinne and Jack - Perth Scotland.
November 23, 2010.

With temps around the -20C range in the Valley and even lower with wind chill on hill, Erinne and Jack gave the Big Mountain experience a miss today after being up for the past two.

"The snow has that squeak to it." is a quote that all enthusiasts can relate to when dreaming about dry powder conditions.

These two were found warming up in Hot Buns Bakery where they related planning a winter season in Whistler 9 months ago after working one in the Austrian Alps.

"Their first time in Canada they said, "People are really friendly here, especially in lift lines, but we only wish the buses would run on time."

Don't we all!

Whistler Testimony
Good Skiing!
Opening Day.
Whistler Mountain.
November 19, 2010.

Pro patroller Gia reports 'Good Skiing' with an opening day grin. He spent a boot to knee deep morning on Whistler Mountain ensuring the safety of every early season wild child.

It's a pretty big responsibility. Only the Red, Emerald and Franz chairs were open plus one has to take into consideration the nature of big mountain people.

Well informed valley rumour heard some folks planned to hike up, spend the night on mountain and then warm up in 'bump shacks' to get first tracks on the maddening crowd.

Seen that in the city lately?

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